Internet Connectivity Issues

Troubleshooting internet connectivity issues can be frustrating.

We get A LOT of frustrated clients, who just want to throw their tower/laptop into the ocean when they deal with issues like this.

Here are some tips:

  1. Check your internet connection by looking in the bottom right hand corner of screen on your laptop/tower; you will see a picture of computers overlapping each other. If you still don’t see it, take your cursor over the icons on the bottom right and wait for the little descriptions of the programs to appear. (don’t click on them unless you know it is the correct one)
  2. Choose the one that says Network Connection or Internet Connection by right clicking on it (some computers might tell you if it is connected just by hoovering the mouse over it) 
  3. Once its open it should say: Network or Connect to a Network, depending on your computers operating system.
  4. If it gives you the option for Connect to a Network then click on that, a new window will appear and a list of internet connections. On that list you should choose your internet connection.
  5. If it just shows Network, no worries. Just click on that and a window will appear showing you whether or not you are connected to the internet (the diagram they have set up in the window that appears should instantly tell you that you are either connected or not). Local Internet Connection, should be on that new window that appeared. Double click on that and a list of available connections should appear!


Reboot the computer and turn off your modem. Wait 20 seconds then turn on and see if it was able to connect. 


You might have a corrupt file disabling it from the internet connection. Bring it to your local computer show for repair, doesn’t take long!


Probably something you clicked on or downloaded from the internet, common issue. Just be careful of what you click on or open to avoid having this issue again 🙂

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Windows 8

Well as some of you may know Windows 8 has arrived!

We received our first customer asking us to install her new OS( Windows ). Let me just say our shop sees all types of computers/laptops with the typical Operating Systems for Windows and Mac, but Windows 8 is by far the weirdest. We admit we are a little bias because we haven’t played around on it too much…

  1. It does have an interface like a Mac, but with strange color patterns.
  2. They stopped using the word programs and started using apps (another Mac feature).
  3. Getting to the menu screen is a little confusing, but once you do it is very easy to navigate.
  4. The search is more like (yes you guessed it) a Mac.
  5. It does view things fairly large, so that will be an advantage for those with poor eyesight or small screens. 
  6. It did come with Internet Explorer 8 (DO NOT USE.. unless you want a virus)
  7. Otherwise that the system is fairly new; I am sure it has some bugs to work out so we suggest you wait awhile to purchase. 


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Here at the shop we have customers whom seem hesitant to switch over to Google Chrome (they want to keep using Internet Explorer/Safari/Mozilla Firefox)
When asked why, they usually say:
* I will lose my favorites
* It doesn’t have a search bar
* It doesn’t have a print button
* It opens up to Google Chrome and I don’t want that as my homepage 
All of these issues can easily be fixed.
It opens up to Google Chrome and I don’t want that as my homepage: 
After you download Google Chrome and install it, double click to open. 
Once it is open you will notice it opens up at the Google Chrome Homepage. 
To change this you look at the top right of google chrome (while its open) & you will see wrench.
Click on that wrench and a menu will drop down.
Look for ‘Options’ on that menu and click on it.
Once you have clicked on it, it will open up a new tab (titled: Basics)
View the new page and look for Home Page 
Click on open this page:
Then type in whatever you want your homepage to be: (example)
It doesn’t have a print button: 
Clicking on that wrench button on the google chrome web browser
A menu will appear, on that menu look for the word print
It doesn’t have a search bar:
Google Chrome has google built in as its search engine
The white bar across the top of the screen/ has a star located inside of the long white bar (where you view the web addresses), is actually a search bar.
You can type whatever you are looking for in that and it will search for it using Google.
I will lose my favorites:
When you open up google chrome you will see that same wrench up at the top right corner
Go ahead and click on it to open up the menu
Look for Bookmarks, and click on it
This will open up a Bookmarks Menu, once it opens look for ‘Import Bookmarks and Settings
Once that is clicked a little screen will pop up asking you which web browser you want to import from (Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox/ect) 
After you have chosen where to import, press import and you are done!
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Using Google Chrome

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What To Do if Your Computer Won’t Turn On

If your computer won’t turn on, keep calm. The chances that your child tripped and unplugged the computer, or that the housekeeper unplugged the computer to plug in the vacuum cleaner, or that the cat stepped on the power strip and turned it off are greater than the chance that your personal files and data are lost forever. It sounds really obvious, but we have seen it before. Here’s what to do if your computer won’t turn on:

1. Check the power button of the computer.

2. Check the power switch on the monitor.
3. Check the power switch on the surge protector, power strip, and/or battery backup.
4. Make sure that the voltage switch is set correctly on the power supply.

5. Test the wall outlet by plugging something else in to it to make sure it is functioning correctly.

If these things do not work, give us a call at (805) 688-8811!



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What to do if your computer won’t turn on

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Kevin’s Santa Ynez Valley Computer Center

Kevin’s Santa Ynez Valley Computer Center
Same great people, same great service and still proudly owned by Kevin McConnell.
Stop by our shop and check out our new layout, computer museum and computer class set up!
We are here for all your computer needs, whether it be a at Home/Buisness Service call, bringing it into our shop or just stopping by to ask a few questions. We understand that dealing with your computer can be frustrating at times especially when it’s not behaving the way it use to. Don’t get discouraged, just call us! 805-688-8811

Friendly Tip from your local computer shop:

  •  Use Google Chrome as your Web Browser
  •  Install an antivirus on your computer ( we recommend Microsoft Security Essentials)

          * Microsoft Security Essentials is great because it is FREE, never expires and automatically

  • Go to your local shop and check your Hard Drive (we’ve had a lot of customers coming in with dying Hard Drives). A bad Hard Drive can lead to loss of data. 
  • Don’t trust someone who calls your home claiming that there is something wrong with your computer(unless your computer is at a local computer shop). This is a SCAM!
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Email Scams

We have gotten a few calls this morning about an email scam.

A scammer is sending out emails saying “the password to your email account has been hacked and you need to fix it right away!”; the scammer then provides a link within your email for you to “fix” the issue. 

Once you click on that link it redirects you to a false site (you won’t notice that it is a false site) and has you enter all your information. From that moment on the scammer has all your valuable information.

How to avoid this scam?

When someone contacts you via email with a message similar to this, go directly to the site(if it said your yahoo account was in trouble, you would search yahoo on google and try entering your password to make sure  it wasn’t having any issues) they are saying you need to “fix”.


After you have checked the website, delete the email.
If you have any questions or concerns, call us! 805-688-8811

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Deleting Unwanted Java

Our technician has recently started to recommend we remove old JAVA programs.
Why may you ask?
We have seen an increased amount in viruses here at the shop and the most common fact is that people still have old JAVA programs running in the back of their computer. 
How do we disable certain permissions for JAVA?
You go through the control panel on your computer and add/remove programs, then select the JAVA to remove permanently. 
Now you have lessened the chance of your computer receiving a virus!
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Fraud Antivirus Telephone Scam

We had an incident here in the shop, where a customer called us with a concern.

She started to explain that she received a call from a “professional computer technician” telling her she needed to purchase an antivirus to protect her computer. The scammer went on to say that it was the BEST antivirus out there and if she purchased it she wouldn’t have another virus, ever.

She mistakenly purchased the product over the phone with her credit card.
A couple days later, the woman discovered that her credit card had been used for purchases that she didn’t authorize.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your computer and the security of it, give us a call here at the shop! We are happy to answer any questions.

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Beware of new Telephone Scam

There is a new telephone scam invading the Valley. If someone calls you on the telephone and says that you have a virus HANG UP AND DO NOT TALK TO THEM – they are trying to get your credit card number.

Billy Kemp, our ace technician, has had a couple run-ins with these fraudsters just this week!  He summarizes his encounters with them in this post.

“… a ‘Technical Support’ agent calls you on your home phone and asks for you BY NAME. They begin to inform you that they are employed by Microsoft and have recently been receiving notifications from your computer that it is severely infected with viruses, malware, and spyware. They then ask the victim to push a key combination and run an event viewer application. They ask them if they see any errors or warning icons in these logs, and upon an affirmative response, they beckon “Oh, my gosh, this is a really really bad infection. You could lose all of your data!” They continue with the charade by warning you not to click on any of the errors or warnings because this could unleash more havoc on your computer. They then prompt you to open a command prompt again, and this time they want you to type in a web address that leads you to a remote software installation. From here, you allow them to remotely hookup with your computer to “fix” the problems that they assure you cannot be fixed by any virus protection software. After they are in your system, they inform you that you need to pay them to repair the many viruses, otherwise you will computer will soon stop booting. If you refuse to cooperate, or if you ask verifying questions, you are met with a high level of hostility and they attack you verbally as if you were making some false accusation against them.  If you give them a legitimate question about the process, they are very smart and will try and lead you to areas of Windows that you have not seen before, and confuse you with Dos Screens, and lines of gibberish that they will convince you proves they are really trying to help you prevent a disaster.”

Ok, here’s what we want you to know about this nonsense (for the average computer user):
1.       Microsoft will never call a customer about a virus, unless they are asked to by you the customer.
2.       They scammers get your name and number from a regular directory listing.Your computer’s Internet connection has no relation to your phone number.
3.       If you have already let them remotely connect to your computer, and you suspect you may have been taken advantage of, call us now for free advice. They could have implanted spyware or viruses in the background. They could do this to either steal personal information, or further pressure you to use their service by harming your windows installation and so on…
 These fraudsters are not based here in the United States, so there is very little we as consumers can do to bring any justice to the fraud they are committing. You need to protect yourself. DO NOT TALK TO THEM. Spread the word to all your friends and family, to prevent this fraud before it can be committed.  The names of the bad guys will change, but the premise will be similar. The key thing to remember when you receive a call like this, is that under no circumstance should you let a stranger connect to your computer, nor should you verify any personal information to these thieves. HANG UP AND DO NOT TALK TO THEM.  Inform your caller that they should not call you again or you will contact your local authorities.  If you think you may be the victim of a scam like this, or are nervous about the potential of being the victim of some kind of malware, virus, or spyware, contact us for free advice. Call us at 805-688-8811.